Bombie Jander is the fearless queer warrior that lives inside of each of us. The butch. The femme. The twink. The muscle. Bombie is the size queen. The ass man. The leather daddy. The dominant and the submissive. Bombie is not boxed in by gender, sexuality, heteronormativity, or homonormality. Bombie Jander is the Unicorn. 

Bombie Jander uses fashion to make waves, pose questions, celebrate queer history, and honor the gay warriors who came before us.

Bombie Jander is inspired by the raw, the empowered, and the outrageous. We pay homage to the sexual energy of New York City in the 1970’s, incorporating that unbridled sleaze with fresh layer of fantasy and modernity.

Their brand features handmade streetwear, club wear, swim wear, curated vintage items, dungeon-chic sex wear, and accessories. With their unique point of view, high quality products, and excellent customer care, they are focused on becoming your one stop shop for all things sleazy and magical. 

They are very proud to say that all of their items are made in the USA, with many being handmade by the Bombie Jander unicorns right in their NYC studio. The finest fabrics, leathers, and professional techniques guarantee that every Bombie Jander product is the highest quality.

Since their launch in 2016, we have been worn by queer icons like Alan Cumming, Cazwell, Jonny McGovern, Mario Diaz, Big Dipper, "Instagram Ass Icon" Wooty Booty, author Josh Sabarra, "Porn Prince" Levi Karter, and many, many more. 

Thank you for fearlessly letting your true colors shine with Bombie Jander. Keep glowing unicorns!