TZUJI is a clothing label started by Larry Tee, a DJ star/trendsetter on the New York club and fashion scene.

Tee helped launch musical moments that are as inspiring now as when they happened. He wrote the biggest fashion anthem of all time RuPaul “Supermodel (You Better Work)” in 1992. Tee also created the club Disco 2000 with Michael Alig at the Limelite in the mid-90s that started the outrageous party Disco 2000 featured in the cult movie “Party Monster” which brought attention to the outrageous ‘clubkid’ and their idiosyncratic style that has recently been a big influence in the fashion world. He even created a musical genre name ‘electroclash’ for his festivals that was co-opted by the musical movement of the same name. That moment launched the hipster scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn whose style and influence is still felt as strongly today as when it first started to make waves.

After touring around the world as a DJ, Tee started designing clothes that he could wear onstage that reflected his unique individual style. What started as an experiment quickly turned more serious when Tee’s music star friends started requesting the pieces for their shows and videos. Many of the original pieces were designed from the inspiration of Larry Tee’s one of a kind and vintage pieces he would wear onstage. When they were created in soft luxurious fabrics and the cool sportswear shapes they were like high end version of street gear.