227 Orchard Road, #02-18 orchardgateway, Singapore 238858
6702 6522

SUPERSPACE is a shop+salon hybrid concept store,
that is a fearless supporter of all that is edgy, beautiful and unusual. 
We are a carefully curated smorgasbord of 
maximalist and minimalist fashion, beauty, 
cult labels and Singapore-borne brands. 
We are arch-enemies of close-mindedness,
nemeses of mainstream-fashion crimelords.
We are unique trailblazers who march to the beat of our own drums.
We are vanguards. 

SUPERSPACE is positioned as Singapores premiere destination
for streetwear, swag, and the cutting edge. 
Everything about the store is a gem of inspired fashion fury
and all associated with it will be so coherent and undeniably SUPERSPACE, 
embodying a strong brand identity and ethos
owed entirely to the union of enthusiasts Gilda Su (RÊVASSEUR),
Samuel Wong (evenodd) and duo – Bobby Luo & Ritz Lim
(co-Founder of multi-label Nightvision Online & nightspot The Butter Factory), 
who found kindred spirits in each other 
hanging out in the smoke room of the Butter Factory.
A romantic pipe dream that ensued,
led to the fruition of SUPERSPACE.

SUPERSPACE opened its doors on April 23rd 2014,
anyone with a basic working knowledge
of the world's cult-brand fashion scene should be boner-inducingly excited!